In this day and age, you can actually make a choice about which browser you would like to use. We create custom-branded web browsers for your favourite influencers, charities, football clubs and brands. Download and install your browser with ease and guaranteed anonymity of your data. Watch and listen to your favourite muse while searching the internet and be the first ones there when they drop exclusive content. Available from all stores, just search their name.


Why not? There’s no difference between using one of our custom-branded web browsers and using your computer or mobile’s default browser. Absolutely none. Not only do we not pass your data onto third parties, we don’t even store it ourselves. We simply provide browsers that are branded how you like them, without you having to do it yourself, all in a super secure environment. Our Brands decide if they’d like additional content including too - such as bespoke wallpapers, exclusive audio, video.


Just download from the store. You can even delete your current browser icons from your desktops, home screens, docks and task bars and replace with ours if you think you’ll forget to use it - it really is that simple. 

Optional 6-Factor Authentication that goes beyond the standard WebAuthn / FIDO2 authenticators

User Name
Matches you to your account

Desktop, mobile, tablet recognition

Dynamic Token
Time based code generation per device

Account integrity & nonrepudiation


Zone recognition authentication


Physical recognition authentication